Why we upcycle vintage furniture

We love vintage furniture. We love being creative. We love tinkering in our workroom. For the past 5 years, it was done for our own amusement. Yet, it became clear that it would be a missed opportunity not to share the vision of our upcycled furniture pieces with the rest of the country. This coupled with the below was what ignited D-WORKX.

IKEA is great, but you can do better

So there it is we have said it. We like IKEA. We peruse the aisles and have in the past bought furniture there. It’s great how it is all conveniently flat packed and easily transported and put together. The whole business was clearly set up with a great vision. But there is one thing that IKEA is not and that is durable. Flat pack furniture does not move well. It does not like to be taken apart and be reassembled a lot of times. And it must be said that due to that very reason we often find that it is priced at too high a price point.

Refurbishment process

We do not like waste

Yes we know, no one likes waste right. But when we see people put good honest long-serving pieces of old furniture by the side of the road, our hearts ache a little. Because we know they truly have no idea that with a little bit of vision that tired looking chipped furniture can be turned around into something that will fit in perfectly with the rest of their interior. 

So yes, we are those people who are always looking through the trash that people place by the side of the road. The amount of gems we have saved from the scrap yard is something we are very proud of. 

We help out the less fortunate in society

A lucky byproduct to our hunt for high-quality vintage furniture is that we get to support the most vulnerable in society. As a portion of our upcycled furniture was sourced from a handful of great UK Charities such as Emmaus (homeless people), St Gemma’s (cancer support), Sue Ryder (palliative, neurological and bereavement support). 

Good furniture does not have to cost the earth.

So the bottom line is that we want to offer better furniture at a decent price. Because great furniture doesn’t have to cost the earth. And that is why, as much as possible, we want to make sure that our carefully curated collection of vintage furniture from the mid-century modern era is available at a price point where people feel like this is an option for them as well. 

We do not want to compete with the likes of IKEA. Heck, who are we fooling we could never do that. We simply want to give people a more sustainable and durable option. One that has the advantage of offering something wholly unique to our modern day interiors. Something that we feel has been lost in the era of mass production where diversity in the industry is severely lacking.

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