Ercol Goldsmith rocking chair close up

Before & After: Ercol rocking chair

Isn’t the wonder of the transformation process almost always the best? In our before & after series we take a look at the process from salvage to renewal of the pieces that we sell. That way you know the provenance of your products.

As many of our pieces, this Ercol rocking was found in a local charity shop. It was looking tired and brown. And while the Ercol brand alone usually makes these pieces of furniture enough to resell (if you snap it up cheap enough) we always like to add a little something to our pieces. And as such we are not afraid to go a bit further than simply restoring products to their old glory. We no longer live in the mid 20th century. So we think it’s our job to bring those mid-century modern furniture pieces into the 21st century.

Brown high gloss painted old Ercol Rocking Chair

So we completely sanded every spindle of this rocking chair down to the bare wood. The wood underneath all the chipped brown paint was in absolute pristine conditions.

Ercol rocking chair in the sanding process

However, we still decided on a very clean simple finish. As we worked on the chair with the rockers off we first sprayed everything but the rockers in a matt black. But the wood was so beautiful that we did want to leave some of it on display and that is why we chose to leave the rockers bare. This worked beautifully as the contrast between the ‘white’ wood and the black gives this Ercol rocking chair a real Scandinavian simple and clean feeling. 

Refurbished Ercol rocking chair

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